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A Bad Night for Trial Lawyers

Contact: Sherry Sylvester
May 30, 2012

Despite big trial lawyer spending, voters choose candidates who support lawsuit reform

(Austin, TX) Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC Chairman Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr., issued this statement following the May 29 Republican Primary Election:

“Tuesday night’s election results prove once again that Texas voters support lawsuit reform and principled candidates who stand up to personal injury trial lawyers. Trial lawyers were not successful, even when hiding behind deceptively named groups and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. Voters have sent a clear message to Texas trial lawyers – what part of “no” don’t you understand.”

Trabulsi noted that in State Senate races, State Rep. Larry Taylor withstood a million dollar assault from vengeful Houston hurricane lawyer Steve Mostyn, to win the GOP nomination in the Houston-Galveston area. State Rep. Kelly Hancock easily defeated a personal injury trial lawyer in Arlington, and in Senate District 25, two-thirds of voters rejected the incumbent, Jeff Wentworth, an ally of plaintiff trial lawyers, who took over $700,000 dollars from them in the 30-day run-up before the election.

“We are extremely gratified that a majority of voters in Senate District 25 have rejected the trial-lawyer backed incumbent and clearly want a new state senator. And while we are disappointed that Elizabeth Ames Jones has come up short in the final count, we are very proud of the tough and honest campaign she ran. Elizabeth is an accomplished leader who has made countless contributions to the State of Texas and we are confident she will continue her commitment to public service. TLR PAC looks forward to participating in the SD 25 run-off to make sure that the voters understand the incumbent’s connection to the personal injury trial lawyers.”

TLR PAC is the political arm of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the state's largest civil justice reform organization. TLR is a bipartisan, volunteer-led coalition with more than 16,000 supporters residing in 818 Texas communities and representing 1,266 different businesses, professions and trades. For more information about TLR PAC visit