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Latest TLRPAC Press Release

July 2, 2018
TLR PAC Press Release

When it comes to choosing leadership, Texans continue to support strong, reform-minded candidates who understand why a fair legal system is important to our state.

May 15, 2018
TLR PAC Press Release

AUSTIN—Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLRPAC) today endorsed Michelle Fraga of Houston in the Republican primary runoff for 295th District Court in Harris County. The runoff is May 22. Early voting is May 14 through May 18.

“Each election cycle, TLRPAC supports judicial candidates who understand the importance of a fair, efficient and honest legal system to Texas families and businesses,” TLR Senior General Counsel Hugh Rice Kelly said. “Michelle Fraga understands the importance of impartial judges who apply the laws as written. We believe she will lead the 295th court with competence and integrity and recommend her as the best choice in this race.”


Latest Media Article

February 7, 2014
Legal Newsline

Tony Buzbee, a Houston trial lawyer who raked millions in attorneys fees from cases litigated in the 212th District Court, is now funding a former employee seeking election to the court.

February 11, 2014
San Antonio Express-News

Three Texas Supreme Court members are facing opposition in the Republican primary.

Feb. 20, 2014

In the 2014 Texas Republican primary, Governor Rick Perry urges Republicans to vote for Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, Justice Jeff Boyd, Justice Jeff Brown and Justice Phil Johnson.

February 12, 2014
Houston Chronicle

Texas' judicial system has the interesting quirk of containing two different courts of last resort: a Supreme Court for civil law and a Court of Criminal Appeals for criminal law.