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Latest TLRPAC Press Release

October 29, 2008
TLR PAC Press Release

Personal injury trial lawyers poured millions of dollars into Texas elections this cycle and the latest campaign finance reports reveal a last minute tsunami of campaign contributions from wealthy trial attorneys determined to roll back lawsuit reform in Texas.

November 2, 2006
TLR PAC Press Release

Baron & Budd and Silber Pearlman, LLP in Dallas and Williams Bailey, LLP in Houston -- gave a total of $50,000 dollars to the organization last year, almost a third of the total organizational budget. TPJ did not report the source of the additional $107,000 in contributions they collected.

October 18, 2006
TLR PAC Press Release

“It will come as no surprise that trial lawyer John O’Quinn is funding a campaign against Governor Perry. Rick Perry’s leadership on tort reform has moved Texas from having one of the worst civil justice systems in the country to a state in which fair and balanced courts allow all Texans to receive an honest trial on their disputes. This spring, an analysis by the Pacific Research Institute recognized Texas for having the best civil justice system in America. Statutory reforms enacted in the Perry Administration, have boosted Texas’ booming economy in which innovation is the rule, jobs are being created, and businesses are expanding."