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TLRPAC 2016 General Election Endorsements

Contact: Lucy Nashed
October 24, 2016

TLRPAC 2016 General Election Endorsements

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLRPAC) has endorsed the following candidates in the 2016 General Election. These are candidates who have an opponent on the ballot. There are other candidates endorsed by TLR who do not have opposition, and they are not listed here.

Early voting is October 24 through November 4. Election Day is November 8.

TEXAS RAILROAD COMMISSION                                                Wayne Christian (R)

TEXAS SUPREME COURT – Place 3                                            Debra Lehrmann (R)
TEXAS SUPREME COURT – Place 5                                                       Paul Green (R)
TEXAS SUPREME COURT – Place 9                                                     Eva Guzman (R)

TEXAS COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS – Place 2                      Mary Lou Keel (R)
TEXAS COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS – Place 5                          Scott Walker (R)
TEXAS COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS – Place 6                    Michael Keasler (R)

1ST COURT OF APPEALS – Chief Justice (Houston)                     Sherry Radack (R)
1ST COURT OF APPEALS – Place 4 (Houston)                                  Evelyn Keyes (R)
4TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 6 (San Antonio)                       Jason Pulliam (R)
5TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 4 (Dallas)                                       Lana Myers (R)
5TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 7 (Dallas)                                  David Schenck (R)
13TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 3 (Corpus Christi, Edinburg)   Greg Perkes (R)
14TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 2 (Houston)                               Kevin Jewell (R)
14TH COURT OF APPEALS – Place 9 (Houston)                 Tracy E. Christopher (R)

TEXAS SENATE DISTRICT 4                                      Brandon Creighton (R, Conroe)
TEXAS SENATE DISTRICT 12                                    Jane Nelson (R, Flower Mound)
TEXAS SENATE DISTRICT 18                                         Lois Kolkhorst (R, Brenham)
TEXAS SENATE DISTRICT 22                                        Brian Birdwell (R, Granbury)
TEXAS SENATE DISTRICT 24                                  Dawn Buckingham (R, Lakeway)

TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 3                                                      Cecil Bell (R, Magnolia)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 10                                            John Wray (R, Waxahachie)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 11                                       Travis Clardy (R, Nacogdoches)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 13                                     Leighton Schubert (R, Caldwell)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 18                                           Ernest Bailes (R, Coldspring)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 23                                      Wayne Faircloth (R, Galveston)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 26                                             Rick Miller (R, Sugar Land)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 29                                            Ed Thompson (R, Pearland)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 33                                                Justin Holland (R, Heath)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 43                                              J.M. Lozano (R, Kingsville)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 44                                               John Kuempel (R, Seguin)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 47                                               Paul Workman (R, Austin)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 52                                    Larry Gonzales (R, Round Rock)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 53                                             Andrew Murr (R, Junction)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 54                                                  Scott Cosper (R, Killeen)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 56                               Charles “Doc” Anderson (R, Waco)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 64                                                  Lynn Stucky (R, Sanger)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 65                                         Ron Simmons (R, Carrollton)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 66                                                  Matt Shaheen (R, Plano)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 67                                                         Jeff Leach (R, Plano)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 70                                           Scott Sanford (R, McKinney)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 71                                                Stan Lambert (R, Abilene)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 85                                        Phil Stephenson (R, Wharton)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 89                                         Jodie Laubenberg (R, Parker)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 92                                    Jonathan Stickland (R, Bedford)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 93                                           Matt Krause (R, Fort Worth)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 94                                    Tony Tinderholt (R, Fort Worth)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 96                                                  Bill Zedler (R, Arlington)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 97                                      Craig Goldman (R, Fort Worth)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 98                             Giovanni Capriglione (R, Southlake)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 99                                        Charlie Geren (R, Fort Worth)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 102                                                    Linda Koop (R, Dallas)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 105                          Rodney Anderson (R, Grand Prairie)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 106                                                      Pat Fallon (R, Frisco)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 107                                             Kenneth Sheets (R, Dallas)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 108                                              Morgan Meyer (R, Dallas)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 112                                   Angie Chen Button (R, Garland)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 113                                         Cindy Burkett (R, Sunnyvale)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 114                                                Jason Villalba (R, Dallas)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 115                                                   Matt Rinaldi (R, Irving)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 117                                       Rick Galindo (R, San Antonio)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 118                                         John Lujan (R, San Antonio)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 126                                           Kevin Roberts (R, Houston)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 127                                             Dan Huberty (R, Houston)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 128                                           Briscoe Cain (R, Deer Park)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 132                                                 Mike Schofield (R, Katy)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 134                       Sarah Davis (R, West University Place)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 135                                         Gary W. Elkins (R, Houston)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 136                                              Tony Dale (R, Cedar Park)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 144                                            Gilbert Peña (R, Pasadena)
TEXAS HOUSE DISTRICT 150                                      Valoree Swanson (R, Tomball)

TLRPAC is the political arm of Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), the largest civil justice reform organization in Texas. TLR is a bipartisan, volunteer-led coalition with more than 17,000 supporters residing in over 920 Texas communities and representing more than 1,300 different businesses, professions and trades. For more information about TLRPAC, please visit