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TLRPAC Scores Important Wins in GOP Run-Off

Contact: Lucy Nashed
June 20, 2016

TLRPAC endorsed State Representative Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, who won the run-off easily with 69% of the vote.  Senator-elect Hughes does not have a Democrat opponent, so he will be sworn into the State Senate in January.

TLRPAC also supported Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  Christian had a strong pro-tort reform record when he served in the Texas House and his understanding of this issue will be important at the Railroad Commission which is increasingly involved in reining in unnecessary lawsuits at the municipal level.  Christian won the run-off with 50.9% of the vote despite being significantly outspent statewide.

TLRPAC supported the re-election of two strong tort reform champions in the Texas House – State Rep. Doug Miller, R-New Braunfels and State Rep. Wayne Smith, R-Houston.  Unfortunately, Rep. Miller and Rep Smith were both was defeated in the Run-Off.   TLR is grateful for their service and unflagging commitment to lawsuit reform.

TLRPAC supported two Republicans running for open seats in the Texas House and both candidates won in the run-off. Ernest Bailes, a businessman from Coldspring, won the House District 18 run-off with 67% of the vote and Lynn Stucky, a veterinarian from Denton, won the House District 64 run-off with 66% of the vote.

Because a strong Republican Party is key to the success of electing down ballot judges, especially in urban counties, TLRPAC supported the re-election of Harris County GOP Chairman Paul Simpson.  Simpson easily won re-election with 69% of the vote.

TLRPAC also supported Tom Mechler’s re-election as Chairman of Republican Party of Texas at the state GOP Convention in Dallas.   Chairman Mechler won an overwhelming majority of the vote in State Senate caucuses. This important victory was achieved with the help of many TLR supporters who were also delegates to the GOP Convention who rallied to defeat a trial lawyer challenger for the state GOP chairmanship and re-elect Mechler.